Bateman Horne Center

The Bateman Horne Center (BHC) provides world-class care and education services to individuals with ME/CFS and chronic post-infection diseases. Through, targeted research, and experienced clinical care, BHC provides integrated educational offerings
intended for the patient to use in tandem with their care provider.

Receiving evidence-informed health management starts with finding the right diagnosis. Dr. Lucinda Bateman will guide you through a six-part series intended to help you and your care team reach a differential diagnosis.

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ME and chronic post-infection diseases often come with skepticism from everyone around you, including those you depend on most—doctors. Review this page with your physician to ensure you are both on the same wavelength.

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The challenges that ME and chronic post-infection diseases bring makes it difficult to effectively communicate your symptoms. Read this letter to learn how you can better advocate and communicate your needs at your next doctor’s visit.

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We get it. Becoming chronically ill is a scary thing. Asking for help and facing doubt from your support group is even harder. Share this letter to give your loved ones and support network insights into living with your chronic illness.


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