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Bay Area Lyme Foundation is a national, 501c3 public charity based in Silicon Valley and collaborates with world-class scientists and institutions throughout the country to accelerate medical breakthroughs for Lyme and tick-borne diseases. It is also dedicated to providing reliable, fact-based information so that tick awareness & prevention and the importance of early treatment are common knowledge.

About Lyme

Lyme Disease is unlike most diseases in that it affects multiple systems of your body. People with Lyme Disease face a myriad of sometimes debilitating symptoms – ranging from chronic fatigue to brain fog to joint pain. Understanding the cause behind all of this is even more difficult. Watch this video series to help you understand that you are not alone and to help you get a better grasp on your condition and what steps to take towards healing.

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Lyme Disease is one of the most complex diseases to treat. While antibiotics can help for some – it is not the end-all-be-all approach. Making lifestyle adaptations and working with a functional & integrative medicine specialist are two key components to recovery. Watch this video series on potential things you can do to improve your health.

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Chronic illness presents people with challenges they never imagined facing. One of these challenges is learning how to build the support team you need. Whether you need help building a medical team, speaking to your caregiver, or fighting against doubters – Bay Area Lyme Foundation has you covered with this short video series.

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Ticktective™ podcast

There are many thought leaders in the Lyme community that may provide advice and direction. Ticktective investigates the latest scientific knowledge and advances in Lyme and co-infections, and offers insight into researchers, physicians, patients.

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