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MEAction is an international network of patients fighting for health equality for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) by building a global community and mobilizing patients, families, and allies. #MEAction was founded with the belief that while many may find it difficult to advocate for themselves in the physical world, by making activism accessible, the ME community can be an unstoppable force. 

The mission of #MEAction is to build a global movement of patients, families, and allies that leverages the power of technology and community to fight for research funding, medical education, and public awareness for ME. Its vision is to create a world where all people with ME have support and access to compassionate and effective care.

Through the strategic pillars of partnership, empowerment, community, technology, and voice, MEAction focuses its efforts to:

  • Reach: Gain mass and strategic recognition of ME as a debilitating disease suffered by millions by engaging the press and developing a wide variety of multimedia education tools.
  • Connect: Grow a thriving community of support, friendship, fun, creativity, and purpose.
  • Advocate: Mobilize patients and allies to advocate for more public investment in research, public awareness, and medical education. #MEAction’s emphasis is on community organizing and local, strategic action to build up and strengthen capacity for national impact.
  • Educate: Engage doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to encourage empathetic, knowledgeable care for all.
  • Inspire: Inspire a new generation of researchers to join this field through outreach and fellowship programs.

MEAction offers a wide range of information, support, and engagement opportunities for people with ME, caregivers, family members, and our organizational allies.


MEAction created MEpedia as a direct response to the community’s need to collect, in one place, all the diverse knowledge scattered throughout the medical, scientific, and patient communities concerning MECFS, and related conditions. Viewed over 25 million times, this crowdsourcing, Wikipedia-style knowledge base ispowered by patients, students, family members, caregivers, and researchers with access to countless resources.

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Global directory

Finding a doctor that specializes in ME is tough. MEAction’s Global Directory can help you find the doctor who is right for you.

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Stop. Rest. Pace.

Pacing is a vital component to the wellbeing of all who suffer from ME. Watch MEAction’s “Stop. Rest. Pace.” video to learn how you can implement pacing into your daily activities.

Additional resources

Whether you want to find a support group, are interested in being trained, or need tools to learn more about direct action, advocacy, and press outreach, #MEAction offers a wide range of resources to get you where you need to go!

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If you’re ready to get involved and engage directly with the work of MEAction, check out their Take Action page to learn more about MEAction’s campaigns and actions.

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